Our candles are made from Douglas Fir and give off a pleasant outdoor aroma as they burn. An added advantage is that they also help keep those pesky summer insects at bay.

Sized at 500 mm high by 150-200 mm diameter, these candles are prices at 19.95 ea or 3 for £50. (See our information on delivery) Each one comes with 2 firelighters and additional firelighters and kindling are also available.


Health and Safety
Like all fire-related products, health and safety is of paramount importance when using your Swedish Candle. The candles should not be used in outdoor areas where brush fires can be started.
Here are 10 tips to keep safe.

1 Ensure children and pets are kept well clear of the fire
2 Set your log upright in a fire-safe place. An existing fire pit is a good spot
3 Remember that depending on the size of candle, the fire will burn for several hours
4 Do not leave your burning candle unattended at any time
5 Do not use your candle in windy conditions – sparks can cause problems
6 Have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water handy
7 Do not use your candle near other combustible materials such as sheds or fences
8 Ensure your candle has finished burning before you leave it to go indoors
9 If cooking on your candle, ensure any cooking pots are secure and cannot tip over
10 Do not dispose of the burnt log in bins etc. The embers can remain hot for several hours


Hints on Lighting and Using your candle

  1. You can light it the slow way by creating a small fire on top of the log with kindling. Continue to stoke it until the kindling starts to fall into the log. You can use a stick to gently push it down into the middle as it burns.
  2. You can light it the quick way by placing a firelighter on top of the log, set light to it and off you go.
  3. If you ensure your candle is level before starting, you will have a flat, level surface on the top for cooking. Depending on the size of your log, this surface can easily accommodate a kettle, dutch oven or cast iron skillet. (A dutch oven has short legs so allows airflow to the fire beneath it.) 


A Swedish Candle is basically a very low moisture log, semi-split into segments and used as a small, self-contained outdoor fire. The splitting is normally carried out so that the integrity of the log is maintained. As embers burn at the top, they fall down into the log, burning it from the inside out and maintaining its integrity for several hours. Air is continually drawn in through the slits on the side to feed the fire.

Also known as a Rocket Stove or Swedish Fire Torch, the Swedish Candle is a long-lasting fire log that’s used outdoors to warm you up and also allow you to cook food. The concept is certainly not new. Records show that Swedish troops first created the fire log for heat and light during the Thirty Years War, way back in the middle of the 17th century (1618-1648).